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The customer agrees to the following terms and conditions in relation to product purchase, and the use of our services.


Payment for services can be made by credit card, cash, money order, certified check, business check or paypal. All business checks must clear (3 to 5 business days) before work can begin on your project. Quality Dubs requires a 50% deposit when placing an order. The remaining balance is to be paid in full on order completion. Online order projects must be 100% pre-paid before work can begin unless credit terms have been otherwise established.

Quality Dubs reserves the right to change or withdraw promotional offers at anytime and without notice. Any promotional offer extended to new customers is subject to the approval and verification of Quality Dubs and can be retracted at any time without warning or notice.

Customer materials

All materials supplied by the customer will remain in the possession of Quality Dubs until full payment is received. Any order, which is not picked up by the customer within 60 days of completion, by state law, becomes property of Quality Dubs. This includes original masters or any other materials supplied to us by the customer. Hence; we reserve the right to sell or distribute this property and product in any way we deem necessary or choose. If a customer cancels an order and work has not yet begun on that order, Quality Dubs will release all materials supplied back into the customers possession with no charge. It is at the sole discretion of Quality Dubs as to the release of any product or materials to the customer if payment for services has not been received.

Quality Dubs reserves the right to change its pricing or policy at any time. Written estimates are only subject to change if additional work is necessary to complete an order. In this case, the customer will be notified before commencing. Quality Dubs assures you that every possible care will be taken to protect your materials while in our possession. Any possibility of damage to your original masters is extremely unlikely. However, it is always good practice to make backups or copies of any critical items. Quality Dubs cannot be held liable for any damage or loss to customer supplied materials, including fire, flood, acts of God, loss or damage in shipping or other means while in our possession.

Customer Deadlines and Ship Dates

Quality Dubs consistently strives to work effectively within the parameters of customer deadlines and delivery due dates. However, Quality Dubs cannot be held responsible for late shipments, this includes delays due to the customer requesting project changes or project holdups due to an excessively high production schedule or machine equipment failures and maintenance issues. Occasionally projects may develop problems or a machine or item of equipment will require maintenance which inadvertently may effect our production schedule and product ship dates.

CD Media

The information in this section is to make the customer aware of certain known issue and technical problems that can arise from certain combinations of CD-R media and CD players. These issues are well documented in the recording and replication industry.

All CDís duplicated by Quality Dubs are done so using the short run "CD Burning" process onto CD-R media. We do not offer CD replication and none of the CDís we duplicate are manufactured using the CD replication or glass master stamper process.

There are known issues with CD-R media in general that can effect the audio playback of some CD-Rís in certain types of CD players. Generally this problem is restricted to older CD players (over 7 years), car CD systems and portable players. However this problem can occur with any media or player and is typically caused due to the CD reader or playerís read laser or laserís being unable to read the table of contents or PQ information on the CD-R. This can result in the CD-R not playing at all in the player or audio skipping. This is usually never a problem associated with the actual CD-R but in fact with the laser on the CD player. Older CD players and car systems sometimes have less powerful lasers and can have errors interpreting the coded information on the reflective surface of the disc.

The CD-R media we use was specially designed to combat this problem and is an audio approved media. We have  had very limited problems. We treat product issues very seriously and have taken precautionary steps to prevent these problems. The type of CD-R media we use has formulated dye which is consistent with error free audio playback in the majority of CD players. If for any reason a CD-R is not playing in a player it will be replaced at no charge. Quality Dubs cannot accept liability for consequential or inconsequential issues or problems arising from audio playback of duplicated CD-Rís. It is recommend that the client orders replicated CD's of 500 or more if they are concerned about possible problems arising from audio playback of short run CD-R's.


Quality Dubs treats product quality issues and customer satisfaction very seriously and offers a 100% quality money back guarantee on all products and services. Product refunds will be made in the event of damaged, flawed or bad product. Quality Dubs will only refund the purchase price of product sold. The customer will only be refunded for product returned to Quality Dubs. Product that is not returned to Quality Dubs cannot be not be refunded. Quality Dubs may exercise its right to replace any damaged product before refunding the purchase price. Quality Dubs will arrange shipment or payment for USPS ground shipment for product returns.

If for any reason a CD is not playing in a player it will be replaced at no charge. Quality Dubs cannot accept liability for consequential or inconsequential issues or problems arising from audio playback of duplicated CD-Rís.
All product returns must be made within 30 days of product delivery. Any returns made after this 30 day period will not be replaced or refunded.



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