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Welcome to Quality Dubs Mastering.
World Class Audio Mastering Services – on a budget!
You are probably reading this because you want a great sounding production master and you’ve come to the right place!
What we do… We will take your demo or final audio recording. We will apply professional mastering techniques using our experienced ears and high end mastering tools to deliver you a master, with punch, clarity, depth and detail… and of course with an optimum sound level.

Do you need it? EVERY single CD or Record in your collection has been mastered, and all of the big records, by a professional mastering engineer. If you want to sound professional and consistent with other music out there then YES you need to have your recording mastered.

The Results... Our goal is to master your music to the highest possible standard so that it stands out from the crowd.... Clean, Clear, Loud and Punchy




Mastering 1-4 Songs $35 Each


Mastering Services



Mastering 5-8 Songs $30 Each


Mastering Services



Mastering 9-16 Songs $25 Each


Mastering Services


The Red Book CD Master is Used for CD-Text CD's


$10 Each

Red Book Master CD
















Mastering Samples [Before & After]...
  Before   After
> R & B  
> Alternative  
> Hard Rock  
> House Music  
> Rap Sample 1  
> Rap Sample 2  
> Reggaeton  
> Bluegrass  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Mastering is the process of taking your source (CD, DAT, Download, etc) and evening out the levels, cleaning up noise, adding fade ins or outs, EQing, peak limiting, adding compression or simply whatever your project requires to prepare it for CD replication or duplication. We could write a book on the "art of mastering". There is certainly a lot more to it than we can fit in this space!

Your project, for all intents and purposes may sound o.k. as is, but when it's mastered it can then become equivalent to a major label-quality release. Shouldn't your project be the best it can be?

How important is it?
ALL COMMERCIAL RECORDINGS ARE MASTERED! It's imperative and is the final stage in the process before you duplicate your recordings. Even if you've used the best equipment and good engineers during the production and mixdown, the mastering process is still a necessity to bring the sound quality of your project up to the highest quality possible.

What are the benefits of a good mastering job?
The listener will look forward to the next time he or she gets to listen to it it, tells his / her friends about it because it sounds great and fat - instead, of feeling "Sick and tired" of hearing it. Think of mastering as the "Polish" that makes your music sparkle. It's what gives your music the professional, "Major label" sound by bringing-out the best in it. This is vital because when the A & R manager has a big stack of demos to go through, he or she is going to give very few of them a serious listen.

Will mastering fix a terrible mix?
It will vastly improve it but keep in mind that mastering can by no means completely fix terrible recordings and mixes. 

Can i do it myself?
It takes a professional mastering engineer with years of knowledge and experience to know what to do to bring out the best in your recording. To get a master delivered at our quality and loudness it also takes a arsenal of high end and expensive processing equipment. 

What is CD Text?

Using a stand-alone CD Player CD-Text can appear if it has been burned in the Table of Contents of the physical disc. The meta data that shows up is the Album Title, Album artist, track title and artist of track. When one places a CD into a computer the computer software usually doesn’t look at the TOC that’s on the disc but rather looks at the number of tracks on the disc and the length of each track. The CD Player software then goes out to Gracenote (the keeper of the music database on the internet) and compares of the albums with the same number of tracks and identifies those albums that have the most similar track lengths as the album in the drive. The more numerous the number of tracks on the CD, the shorter the list of albums will appear from which to choose.

Why use Quality Dubs for your mastering?
We will bring 'Fresh ears', a new, experienced and professional perspective when approaching the job We use the very best equipment We have musical ears for EQ and emphasis of the musical tonality in your recording. We offer high end Major Label quality on a budget. You wont be disappointed!

*Add 5-7 day turn around on all Mastering. 



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