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Special 1000 Glossy Club Flyers for $99

 Free Ground Shipping

1000 Club Flyers

Whether you are promoting your new CD release party, a business, or simply promoting a garage sale of some sort, we can handle your flyer printing needs. Your flyers will be printed on Ultra-thick 14pt card stock paper with the highest quality to show the world you are serious about your business. Standard Club Flyers are 4.125" x 5.25" finished size Printed in full color on both sides with stock 14-Point Ultra-Thick cardstock with coating options.

Promote yourselves, your band, group or artist, and promote the gig! Nobody likes playing to a man and his dog so make sure your music is heard with Club Flyers from Quality Dubs. Our Club Flyers are essential to any aspiring musical artist, band or group. Handing out Club Flyers on the street near the venue, around the town and at the local college will help bring the music of your band, group or artist to a wider audience. Club Flyers from Quality Dubs can be created to allow with individual gig information to be overprinted, stamped or simply written on so allowing Flyers to be used for multiple gigs without becoming obsolete. Club Flyers are a cheap and effective way of advertising the music of your band, group, artist or gig within the locality at short notice. A sharp design and clear message are proven winners in attracting your audience. Please contact us letting know details of your packaging and print requirement, quantities and deadline dates!

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